Our latest release from our newest album, If Arrows Fly: Love You Would Provide – streaming everywhere

Our latest album – If Arrows Fly is available for purchase on CD. It is exclusively available from our website or our Bandcamp page. On streaming platforms, the album will only be released as singles–one single per month, through October 2020. Listen to samples and order your copy here to get all 13 songs as high quality mp3 downloads instantly. The CD’s will be shipped to you within one business day.

If Arrows Fly CD's



Original Artwork (now available for purchase)

About Chords of a Man

Chords of a Man is a husband and wife duo comprised of Leslie Fritz and Matthew David Fritz. Focusing on Biblical themes, they write and produce illustrative original songs that draw upon deep scripture passages, and the writings of Witness Lee and Watchman Nee for their lyrical inspiration.

Stylistically, Matthew and Leslie’s complimentary voices and pristine 2-part harmonies form the hallmark of their enchanting sound which nicely dovetails with their diverse, Americana style musical arrangements. Bringing musical diversity to the table, Matthew’s proficiency with piano, cello, mountain dulcimer, acoustic and classical guitar, mandolin, ukulele, bass, and percussion enables them to diversify their sound from song to song yet keep a cohesive feel to their thematic albums. Also unique among songwriters, they regularly produce select songs in odd meters, such as 5/4, 10/4, and 7/8 to surreptitiously create new dimensions to their rhythms.

Their impact can be summed up with this review by music scene editorial writer for Paste Magazine, Bryan Rolli:
“With charming guy/girl harmonies resting atop cleanly plucked guitars and light keys, Chords of a Man harkens back to the classic folk duos of the ’70s while avoiding the nagging title of “nostalgic.” Though the music may sound warmly familiar, the lyrical themes are refreshing in their focus. Never mind the temporal pleasures that captivate artist and audience alike these days; Chords of a Man artists, Matthew and Leslie Fritz, have their sights clearly set on the kingdom and eternity.”

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