The Dance of Two Camps


The Dance of Two Camps (2016)

1. Mahanaim
2. Lot
3. Wrestling with God
4. Sarah
5. The Silent Years
6. Judah
7. Seven Years
8. El Shaddai
9. Rebekah
10. Three Pillars
11. Not So Far Away
12. Manasseh
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Listen to what others had to say about the album:

The Dance of Two Camps is an album in which there are no words to convey it’s beauty, lyrics, and music. It is exceptionally enhanced with Leslie’s soothing voice. Such a voice shines through the lyrics heard. As you listen to the music, one can tell such words have been deeply lived and experienced by the two. The words alone are very moving and are accompanied by beautiful, harmonious melodies. The album is very upbeat, calming, and inspiring. I adore and cherish these songs—and will for a long time to come.

~Eugenia Grant