The Measuring Lines Download

Based on Psalm 2:8; 8:3-4; and 16:4-6
Music and lyrics by Matthew David Fritz

Cover of measuring lines song

Eb              Fm     Gm    Ab     Bb
     Ask of Me       And I will give
Eb        Fm       Gm                  Ab   Bb
     the nations   as Your inheritance
Eb               Fm   Gm                  Ab      Bb
   And the limits, the limits of the earth 
Eb      Fm   Gm  Ab   Bb
    as Your possession

When I see …  the works of Your fingers
The moon and stars, which You’ve ordained
What is mortal man, that You remember him
Through Your visitation?

Ddim                    Bb                          Eb
They bartered for some other god
Ddim                  Bb  
Their portion only sorrows; 
Cm    G     Ab          Bb Bb7
You maintain my lot

–         Eb                  Bb               Fm               Ab            Ddim
The measuring lines have fallen on pleasant places
Eb                   Bb              Fm                   Ab            Ddim
Earth’s confines, my portion, my cup, His graces
Eb         Bb        Fm                  Ab Ddim
Now I find; indeed the inheritance is
Eb       Bb       Fm7 Bb
Beautiful to me

Could I devise the path my life has taken
My choices and my destiny
I would leave it all in my Father’s hand
For it all is so beautiful to me

No idol names will I take up
Jehovah is the only
portion of my cup

The measuring lines have fallen on pleasant places
Earth’s confines, my portion, my cup, His graces
Now I find; indeed the inheritance is
Beautiful to me

Eb        Bb      Fm  Bb  Eb      Bb    Fm Ddim
beautiful to me,          beautiful to me
Cm Bb Ab Abm Eb

BETHANY Download

Based on John 12:1-3
Music and lyrics by Matthew David Fritz


D                              Em                          C#dim                           D
Jesus came to Bethany having nowhere to lay his head
–                Bm                                     A                             G                        D
Raising Lazarus up from the dead while the saints were weeping
–                       D                                    Em                         C#dim                           D
And while Martha served and some reclined, Mary anointed His feet
–                  Bm                                             A                    G                D
With her ointment so costly and sweet in a house of feasting

                 D C#dim Em                C#dim D
We are Ma- r   –   tha, we are Ma   –  ry
–                F#                   G                            A    Em    D
We are Lazarus in resurrection in Be – tha – ny
–            Bm        G                     A    A7   D
We all serve Him, as we tes – ti – fy
D F#m Bm                      Em                                 C#dim D
Ab-so-lutely pouring all our love on the crucified

I was a sinner cleansed from leprosy, whom the word of the Savior restored
In a village so outwardly poor and full of man’s affliction
Yet enjoyment came and gold abounds in the spirit to realize
Making Bethany in man’s eyes an utter contradiction

So it came from resurrection life, a genuine dwelling of rest
In the place where we’ve given our best for His satisfaction
Here we love the Lord at any cost, serve Him so diligently
And our testimony ever will be our main attraction

AND PETER (feat. Vessels) Download

Based on John 21, Mark 16:7, and the book, And Peter, by Watchman Nee
Music and lyrics by Matthew David Fritz (co-written and co-produced by Vessels)

(For easier singing, chords below are in C major, but the recording is in G major):

C                                      G               Dm                                C
O Lord, how I have fallen because of my great sin
C                                   G                           F                      C
You may have forsaken me but here I am again
C                                    G                              F                         G
Standing on the shoreline right where I did begin
F                        D       G
Oh where do I begin again

C G Dm C

Casting nets on deep blue seas, my purpose yet unknown
Then light from the heavens came and turned my name to stone
But with all my confidence, to failure I was prone
Oh how could I atone?

Em     Dm    C                                Dm                                    G Dm C
Lord, You know; You know I love you though I’m fallen
Em    Dm    C                              Dm                                G
Lord, You know; when I denied you how my heart had me deceived
Em      G     Am                                G                                  Em
Lord, You know; for Your forgiveness now my heart to you is calling
Am G   C                                  Dm                                    G                                              CG  C Dm G
But I know that You still loved me when You called to Your disciples and me
Em Dm C Dm G
Oh and me

C Em Am C Dm G C
C Em Am C Dm Gno5 G C

If loving me He suffered, and to the cross was nailed
Would He cease from loving me just because I failed?
In my utter vanquishment, His heart’s love He unveiled
His love for me prevailed