Download IAF

Download entire album:

  1. Download If Arrows Fly

Download individual tracks:

  1. Download Love You Would Provide
  2. Download Set Your Heart to Seek
  3. Download God Looks on the Heart
  4. Download Through the Broken
  5. Download Arauna’s Threshing Floor
  6. Download Six Paces
  7. Download My Only Treasure
  8. Download Tragedy
  9. Download I Love You, O Lord
  10. Download Don’t Let the Sun Go Down
  11. Download One Smaller Cross
  12. Download The Kindness of God
  13. Download Love You Would Provide II (Leslie’s Version)

NOTE: This album is being released one track each month. So every month we’ll add the lastest song until Oct, 2020, when the whole album is available for free download.