Thank You SMIH

Thank you for your purchase. If you ordered Something More Is Here CD, we will ship your order within 24hrs (once CD’s are stock-if you pre-ordered). Below are the mp3 downloads of the album.

Download the zip file (for desktop browsers) for the entire album here:

Download Something More Is Here


Download individual mp3 tracks (desktop or mobile):

  1. Download I Guess It’s About Life
  2. Download Everything Beautiful
  3. Download Ends of the Earth
  4. Download Life With You
  5. Download Life Under the Sun
  6. Download Chasing the Wind
  7. Download Checker Work and Chain
  8. Download Without a Sound
  9. Download Vanity Fair
  10. Download An Understanding Heart
  11. Download A Measure of Life
  12. Download A Land Far Away
  13. Download A Threefold Cord