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Thank you for your purchase. If you ordered the God Meant It for Good CD, we will ship your order within 24hrs. Below are the mp3 downloads of the album.

Download the zip file (for desktop browsers) for the entire album here:

Download God Meant It for Good (full album zip file)


Download individual mp3 tracks (desktop or mobile) :

  1. Download Where Were You
  2. Download Abraham’s Song
  3. Download Isaac’s Song
  4. Download Jacob’s Song
  5. Download Rachel
  6. Download Ruth’s Redemption
  7. Download The Birthright
  8. Download Moriah
  9. Download The Pearl
  10. Download Severed from This Age
  11. Download Joseph’s Dreams
  12. Download God Meant It for Good

Download the bonus track, :

Download Abraham’s Song (alt version)