Artwork – David Playing the Lyre

David Playing the Lyre
David Playing the Lyre, 2020, woodcut print by Matthew David Fritz

Handmade woodcut print. This limited edition print is printed is with water-based black ink on oriental rice paper.

The image size is 4-5/8 x 6-1/2 inches. The paper size is 6-5/8 x 8-1/2 inches.

David Playing the Lyre is an image that references how David used his skill in playing the lyre by hand to soothe the malady of king Saul in his mental torment.

1 Samuel 16 verses 16 and 23 say, “Let our lord speak. Your servants are before you; they will seek out a man who is skilled in playing the lyre. And when the evil spirit from God is upon you, he will play it by hand, and you will be well….So whenever the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, David took his lyre and played it by hand, and Saul was refreshed and was well; and the evil spirit departed from him. “

This image was the cover artwork for the song, God Looks on the Heart, from the album, If Arrows Fly (2019) by Chords of a Man.

Two prints were pulled for this edition. Prints from this edition are available for immediate shipment.

$10.00 plus 3.99 shipping to the United States.