Artwork – Cutting His Cloak

cutting his cloak
Cutting His Cloak, 2020, woodcut print by Matthew David Fritz

Handmade woodcut print. This limited edition print is printed is with water-based black ink on oriental rice paper.

The image size is 6 x 5-3/8 inches. The paper size is 8 x 7-3/8 inches.

Cutting His Cloak depicts the scene from First Samuel 24. Verses 3-6 say, “And he came to the sheepfolds along the way, and a cave was there. And Saul went in to relieve himself. Now David and his men were sitting in the innermost part of the cave. And David’s men said to him, The day is here of which Jehovah said to you, I am about to give your enemy into your hand. Do then to him according to what seems good in your sight. So David rose up and cut off a corner of Saul’s cloak without being noticed. But afterward David’s heart smote him because he had cut off a corner of Saul’s cloak. And he said to his men, Jehovah forbid that I should do such a thing to my lord, Jehovah’s anointed, as stretch out my hand against him; for he is Jehovah’s anointed.

This image was the cover artwork for the song, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down, from the album, If Arrows Fly (2019) by Chords of a Man.

Four prints were pulled for this edition. Prints from this edition are available for immediate shipment.

$10.00 plus 3.99 shipping to the United States.